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Be a model for what you want to see in your relationship

Be a model for what you want to see in a relationship? Ok look at this situation, rather than waiting for the other person to do something. It sounds like a much more empowering place to stand it and I really like the idea of when you take on the role of being the victim you turn the other person into the persecutor. It’s interesting thinking about those archetypes like that because it's if you see yourself even as say a fixer you might be looking for someone that I was broken or needs a fix said by the girls from Windsor Escorts of
A lot of relationships, co-dependent relationships are built on that kind of unspoken unarticulated foundation and I think we can be wildly generalizing and assume that all of us come out of childhood with some kind of dynamic, either that we're going to be too controlling, not controlling now we're going to be a little bit the victim we're going to be a little bit the villain and unpacking that is a juicy and super important part of our inner work and it takes years. what it allows is a much more free way of being in relationship where it's like we actually get to be with each other in the present in a real relating that's dynamic and unfolding not just regurgitating our adapted patterns from our child said by the girls from Windsor Escorts.
Bringing it back to the idea of this responsibility just to be clear it's not that you're responsible for the other person's actions, you're not responsible for the other person's feelings. it’s really important I know cut because a lot of us are likely to be over responsible we're totally responsible and they might think you know if I'm taking 100% responsibility then oh my god if they're suffering I'm causing that this is something that I need to do said by the girls from Windsor Escorts.
really the line that we're drawing is that the relationship that's happening is actually happening inside your mind, you are having a relationship with almost a story or like a book of who you think that person is you're relating to that concept you own that concept, you own that you own that relationship with that person so being able to take responsibility for your feelings for your experience and for your contribution to what may not be working, I do believe that relationships are co-created but this is a model that will allow you to move through fights, move through disagreements, move through upsets and just different things that happen in the relationship much more quicker and with ease.

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