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My Lemon Scented Husband

Recently I have noticed that my husband's cum smells like lemons. I have told him about it as it worried me, but he does not seem to be worried. It is kind of a weird situation to be in, and I have tried to look it up online, but I cannot find anything. The thing is that we are affected by the things that we eat, but we should be concerned about warning signs as well. I met my husband when I was still working for London escorts, and at that time, his father was suffering from prostate cancer. Okay, he made a full recovery, but like I say to my friends at London escorts, I do worry about my husband.

There are lots of infection that men can suffer from, and I think that the advice out there for men is still pretty bad. When I worked for London escorts, I came across a lot of men with prostate problems so I know that they are pretty common. All in all, I think it is harder to get a man to go to the doctor. My husband is a complete nightmare when it comes to that, and it took me ages to get him to go for a bad cold that hung around for ages. Mind you, all of the girls at London escorts are saying exactly the same thing.

I love looking after my husband, and as he is a bit older than I am, I do focus a lot on his health. Some of my friends at London escorts think that I go a bit of the top as we are always popping in and out of health food stores when we are out shopping. My poor husband keeps having to pop all of these different supplements, and I am not so sure whether it is a good thing or not. The last time he had his PSA checked, it was fine, but we keep on going to have it checked. My friends at London escorts think that I am over protective of my husband, but I cannot help. I love him to bits and do not want anything to happen to him.

As I left London escorts to be with my husband, I do feel that I have a lot more invested in the relationship. My husband did not want me to work as he has his own business and has to work long hours. I can totally relate to that and I like looking after him and our house. My friends thought that I was a bit mad giving up London escorts, but I honestly thought that I had gone as far as I could go. Yes, I am sure that I could have stayed on for a few more years, but I did not really need to.

In recent months, I have thought about starting my own website with advice for men. So many men out there need advice about their health. I like chatting to men about their health and used to do all of the time when I worked for the best London escorts agency. If I could sort of turn that into a mini business, I am pretty sure that I could make a living out of it. There are lots of supplements that you could sell, and I would like to feel that I was doing something good at the same time.

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